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J. Schwartz Design Recognized Again! Best of HOUZZ 2016 for Client Satisfaction

We are thrilled that J. Schwartz Design has once again been recognized as Best of HOUZZ 2016 for Client Satisfaction – two years in a row for this honor!

HOUZZ, the “go to” authority for residential architecture and interior design excellence, has recognized our firm with the designation. This recognition means a great deal to me personally, because delighting our clients is why we do what we do.  We are in one of the most personal service professions and your happiness with our process and product means everything.

We’re grateful that JSD client, Marc Mansell, has agreed to share his HOUZZ testimonial. Marc superbly captures how we value and interact with our clients.

Read on!

Marc Mansell
Relationship: Client
Project Date: September 2015
Project Price Range: more than $100,000

“A few years ago, Jacinda and I engaged J. Schwartz Design to help us design additions for our 1930s cape in Shrewsbury. Our primary focus for “hiring the right architect” was chemistry. We wanted to find an architect that shared the same passion and enthusiasm for our home as we did. We wanted an architect that would collaborate to help us achieve our vision, not one that would impose solely their ideas on our home. We wanted an architect that would respect the setting and the traditional style of our existing home, while helping us to create our new spaces. We found the right architecture firm when we found J. Schwartz Design.

From the very first conversations over the phone to the first meetings at our home, we could tell that we were on the right track. Jeff Schwartz and Dimiter Kostov connected not only with our project, but also with our family. They wanted to know us – to know how we lived, what was important to us in terms of living spaces, what we enjoyed about our home and what we wanted to improve. The collaboration during the design phase was at first overwhelming, but nonetheless invigorating. We had a number of boundary conditions to design within, whether the constraints of building on waterfront property or our desired budget. Their backgrounds include interior design, and we talked as much about how the spaces might feel and look as we did the layout of the plan views. They also learned that we loved outdoor living, and they helped us to tie our design into the landscape of the site.

Jeff and Dimiter said that they felt obligated to push the boundaries of our own design sense — and they did — but never with ego, and always to a better final solution for us. They were always patient and accessible, and were always accepting if we said, “We don’t care for that idea.” We learned a lot about design through the process, and we learned a lot about ourselves that made for a wonderful design.

In the end, I can honestly say that few days pass where I don’t see and reflect on the painstaking details in the design that make our home special. It’s a home of which Jacinda and I are proud, and we are grateful that Jeff and Dimiter share that pride. They are high quality, genuine and authentic people, and we value them not only as professionals, but more importantly as enduring friends. We wholeheartedly recommend J. Schwartz Design.”

The Mansell’s were a joy to work with! Their heartfelt endorsement means everything to the J. Schwartz Design team.

Jeff Schwartz

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