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Residential Architecture

For Additions, Renovations and New Construction

Our team of professional residential architects and interior designers are driven to deliver consistent value by communicating vision and creativity through a three-dimensional view of how our clients want to live in their homes.

Offering a full spectrum of interior design and architecture services for additions, renovations and new construction of residential homes, we follow a proven process based on honest client collaboration, creative solutions, and a passion to get it right – for every client, every time.

Step 1: Programming

The J. Schwartz Design team loves a good architectural challenge. We welcome the opportunity to solve a design dilemma or reconfigure a floor plan to meet our clients’ needs today, and for years into the future. We begin by asking questions – lots of questions:

  • How do you live in your home and how do you want to live in your home? What works and what doesn’t work for your lifestyle needs?
  • How long will you be staying in your home or new home?
  • Who are the family members who will be sharing your home?
  • Do you have photos or idea books to share images of homes and spaces that appeal to you?
  • What is on your “perfect home” wish list?
  • What is your budget?
  • What are the priorities within your budget?
  • What is your project scope?
  • What is your time frame?
  • Have you ever worked with architects and/or on a design build project before?
  • What are you looking for in an architect or interior designer?
  • What do you expect from your home builder or construction crew?

Step 2: Existing Conditions Documentation

A well-designed home respects not only our client’s lifestyle and dreams, but also the site and its surroundings. We work together as a team to tailor your project scope so that it meets these criteria as well as your budget. Several items related to the architectural conditions of your home are required:

  • Up-to-date topographic site survey showing the position of the house on the lot
  • Complete photographic documentation of existing conditions, both exterior and interior
  • Complete and exacting measurement of entire house, apartment or project-specific areas
  • Electronic documentation of existing conditions
  • Existing conditions as they appear in the plan (to scale)

Step 3: Schematic Design Concepts and Preliminary Budgets

The architectural design process often takes us in the direction of a partial or major renovation. Determining the right house plan requires us to have ongoing conversations about your needs and desires. In this phase, we typically review:

  • Preliminary design concepts in the plan (to scale)
  • Pros and cons associated with each concept
  • Preliminary project budget ranges associated with each concept
  • The work required in this phase
  • Client sign off

Step 4: Design Development and More Refined Budgets

We believe that the new elements of an addition or a renovation should feel as if they had always existed. The transition between elements of the design that were old and those that will be newly added or renovated should never be apparent. To accomplish this mandate through architectural design, our house plans cover the following:

  • Further develop design concepts in plan (to scale)
  • Relevant exterior and interior elevations
  • Selected three-dimensional images as appropriate
  • Pros and cons associated with each concept
  • More refined budget ranges associated with each concept
  • The work required in this phase
  • Client sign off

Step 5: Construction Documentation and Builder Bid Set

In our experience, the success of every project is based on a great relationship between the architect and builder. Clear specifications and a mutual understanding of your architectural plans are crucial to creating realistic expectations about the financial aspects of what things cost. Our role involves providing:

  • Construction drawings and project scope document
  • Builder bid set
  • Assistance with choosing a builder
  • Permit document set
  • Assistance with determining project budget
  • Assistance with negotiation and execution of the Builder Contract

Design-Build or Design-Bid-Build

Which project management approach is best for your project?
Click here to learn about the Design Build Process versus Architectural Design process.

Step 6: Construction Contract Administration

The new house, addition or renovation permitting and building process can be overwhelming for the average homeowner. Costly mistakes can be made all too easily without the guidance of a knowledgeable project leader who is experienced in architectural house designs. As a full-service architecture firm, we create and provide all design and construction documentation that may be required by your city or town, and we actively coordinate with all of the trades to bring the project through to completion.

  • Serve as a liaison between client and builder
  • Administer the contract for construction through to successful project completion
  • Interpret our drawings for design intent and assist with site-specific details
  • Periodically visit site at appropriate milestone intervals and inspections

Step 7: Coordination with Interior Design and Landscape Design Professionals

J. Schwartz Design’s dual-service model brings it all together to provide tremendous value – in aesthetics, process, overall project cost and a more consistent and reliable home design experience.

  • Working with either the J. Schwartz Interior Design team or your independent interior designer, the J. Schwartz Design Architecture team will closely coordinate with your interior design professionals from project inception through to successful project completion.
  • The J. Schwartz Design Architecture and Interior Design teams will recommend and closely coordinate with landscape design professionals to extend the design concepts to the exterior of your house – and enhance your family’s enjoyment of your home in every way.

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