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"We're so happy here! You told us we would be, but we didn't believe it. You are wonderful!"

RM - Westwood, M

"The guy is terrific, highly qualified. He knew exactly what I had in mind and he's making it happen. Jeff is a pleasure to work with."

SH - Boston, MA

"We seldom used this space before you tackled it. Now we have family meetings in our living room nearly every night."

CR - Lincoln, MA

"I don't know if I dreamt about this once, but it feels so familiar. You have captured my sense of home, and that is a wonderful accomplishment, and the execution has been timely, no mean feat."

AM - Westwood, MA

"You've totally changed the way we use our home. You have enhanced our family's enjoyment of our home in so many ways."

CHJ - Needham, MA

"Our new space is elegant... from the furniture, the artwork (beautifully installed) to the nifty colors (beautifully chosen)."

CG - New York City

"You have been a joy to work with through every phase of our project. You and your team have all been excellent. This experience can be very rocky, but you made our road smooth and a huge pleasure. With gratitude and appreciation for your talent in architecture, design, taste, and organization."

BDM - Cambridge, MA