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The Right Project Management Model for Your Home

We are constantly asked by clients about the pros and cons of Design-Build versus a focused Architectural Design process followed by a formal bid process, known as Design-Bid-Build. On residential projects, there is no clear evidence that one project management approach is more economical than the other, so it really comes down to client temperament and preference.

Design-Build is a collaborative process where the architect or designer, the builder and the client are on the same team from the get-go. Design-Build may be desirable when streamlining the process and accelerating the calendar are most important. It is also desirable when the client wishes to have their team of professionals in place from the outset.

For clients who do not wish to “bid the job” but rather favor a Design-Build approach, J. Schwartz Design offers complete Design-Build project management services, but with a twist: We will introduce onto the team the builder that is, in our judgment, the best fit with the client and the project. Such factors as project scope, project budget, level of anticipated custom finish details and very importantly, chemistry, come into play.

Rather than working with only one team of construction professionals, the J. Schwartz Design team has identified a stable of project-tested construction pros. We’ve done this in order to benefit our diverse residential architecture client base by providing access to a time-tested group of high quality, yet diverse, contractors and subcontractors. Our clients report preferring this model over an in-house builde, or a single independent building entity.

We constantly evaluate the team’s performance and occasionally add new firms to the mix. For each project, we can bring the most appropriate builder onto the team.

Whether your preference is Design-Build or Design-Bid-Build, J. Schwartz Design can fulfill all of your design and project management needs to make your project a success in every way.


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